bazaaris - "Watersongs"

Switzerland, Iran, Sweden

Asita Hamidi | El.Concert harp, Gu-cheng, Vocal

Björn Meyer | Ac. 6 string Bass guitar, El. Upright, Voc.

Fredrik Gille | Percussion, Vocal

produced & arranged by

Asita Hamidi & Björn Meyer

bazaarpoolCD007 - 2006

1. Eshgh

2. Resa

3. Wintersong

4. Mantra Lullaby

5. Where ever Waltz

6. Pedhar

7. Kebne Kaise

8. Watersong

Watersongs was recorded in front of a live audience in our rehearsalspace and studio in PROGR - Bern. We had already recorded the whole album for ourselves when we made a last minute decision to invite some friends and perform the music live. Around 40 friends came, and the result was - again - more alive live...

We hope you enjoy!